Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Party Pooper

The guy I was talking to before the 10 whomper had two kids,. usually i don't talk to guys that have kids for a number of different reasons. This guy was really nice, so I let it go. What was I thinking??? While we were talking and getting to know each other better, my mother asked for a list of people i would like to come over to her house for my birthday celebration.. Of course I added him to the list..

A month into everything he asked me when I would be ready for a relationship. We both decided we should get to know each other better. After getting to know him better i realized it would never work. We had too many things that were not a like, and our lives were going in two different directions. So I nicely slowed everything down to darn near a stop. The week before my birthday he calls me and start talking about how much he likes me and how he misses spending time with me. Of course I was still nice to him he didn't do anything to me. I was sure he was talking to other people,so I didn't care about his comments. .

So now it's finally the day of my friend and family birthday get together at my mother's home.The most ridiculous things happen. My one best friend gets lost and on her way to my house she says she sees my other friend who is also the friend of the guy I was talking to, a baby and another girl. After she describes the people better to me, I realize it is the guy I been talking to his child and his baby mama all planning on coming to my mother's house. What the hell???? Who does that??? Who brings their baby mama to the girl who they have been talking to's get together. This fool had the audacity to say I thought it would be okay to bring her.

Lesson learned: Do not talk to people who are not on your level if they are unequally yolked leave it alone. I hate the whole dating thing it whomps.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Single-mother Madness

This is just a rant. So today I am aggravated. The source of my aggravation is single mothers who are more focused on getting a man then taking care of their kids. Now don't get me wrong I understand that no one wants to be a single mother and everyone wants companionship, but it's just getting ridiculous. I know females who are so focused on spending time with men that couldn't care less about them. They have overly exhausted their babysitting options to spend time with man after man. One girl has her child in a bad living situation and instead of focusing on fixing her situation she frivolously spends money and invests time in men who couldn't care less about her or her children. The child is a terror and she can't even see it because she so busy focusing on men. Granted, I am not a single - mother so there are some things that I may not be able to understand. What I do understand is that when you have a child and choose not to put it up for adoption you are signing up to raise an individual, not let it raise itself. As a parent you should protect your child from negative situations not allow them to live in them. Men will come and men will go but when you have a child the focus has to be that child and giving them a safe and positive environment to grow up in. Children should be exposed to new situations and fun environments they shouldn't see people drinking and smoking and be around constant cursing just because a female wants a man. The situations that I watch happen over and over make me sick to my stomach. I know when I have kids there will be no way i expose my child to such B.S. My public service announcement for the day don't have kids if you can't take care of them!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Apartment How freakin unfortunate

Let's talk about unfortunate. Well it has been a while since I have last written on this blog. I was too busy getting material (having unfortunate things happen in my life) for this blog. So I'm not sure where I will start. Okay I'm going to try not to make this too drawn out. I began renting a cute little apartment with a balcony that overlooked the park. I absolutely loved it. i thought I would stay in this apartment for the next couple years until I finished school. a month after living there I found out that the place had plumbing problems and my landlord was really a slumlord(can we say 2 whomps). My slumlord was a maniac he tried to enter my apartment without permission at 11pm (people have been shot for less-not by me but if i had a gun at the time it could've happened) So we got into it that night. One of the other tenants called the police on him that night. It became an all out war I had to contact the City's inspectors they came out 4 times and fined him. They had the nerve to give him small fines after deciding the apartment was unsafe for human habitation. UNSAFE FOR HUMAN HABITATION!!!! As far as I was concerned that meant I was Living in a death trap. So a month after I moved in mold started growing under the paint in my bedroom.

All of a sudden I had mice. The city said that there wasn't a sealant around the pipes leading to outside so that's probably how they got in. So I got a cat. Doesn't she look ready to get a mouse.

The ceiling in the living room leaked every time it rained it got so bad that I had two holes in the ceiling and my puppy would bring me pieces of sheet rock that fell down.The amount of water that came in was ridiculous.The landlord had some guy that looked like he had a drug addiction put tape over the hole and painted it. Here is the result after the rain.

I wrote letters, made phone calls, spoke to legal aid, contacted inspectors, went downtown and got the records from the apartment to find out what happened. Then I withheldpartial rent. This was the kicker now my landlord began to threaten me so I filed police reports it was crazy. Long story shorter we came to an agreement I got to keep the money that I withheld and my security deposit and my lease was broken. So at such short notice I ended up moving back home with my mother(
2 whomps @ the loss of independence)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art Journaling

So I have officially started an art journal. I can honestly say I absolutely love it. Who ever came up with that idea was a freaking genius. In case you haven't heard of an art journal (look it up on youtube) It is so therapeutic and its fun. Some of my journal pages are hilarious. It is a definite must try I will be adding pictures soon.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just too Powerful

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The other day I was told by one of my guy friends that I was strong woman (
so I'm thinking oh that was nice) and that was my downfall (WTF). He said I am powerful. I always thought that was a a good thing but apparently not. I told him I'm not the hop on one foot and bark like a dog type of chick (Eddy Murphy -Coming to America) . A few days have past since I was told this. Although I do appreciate the honesty and know it was all in love, I can't help feeling annoyed. My friend told me I'm attractive, funny, I'm fun to be around and there should be more girls like me (oh I forgot that I cook) but then the powerful thing came up again.

I had to flash back to past relationships and I do remember hearing similar comments. I was told a few times by various boyfriends that they were nervous to talk to me at first. One guy had a crush for a year before approaching me. If I heard my story, I would think these are little wimpy guys who don't really get girls, but that wasn't the case.

I understand that men want to be the head of the relationship, (which is just fine with me) but what is the desire for the weak woman about? I thought the saying was behind every strong man is a strong women. I guess in reality in front of every strong man is the weak woman that he looks forward to.

MySpace Graphics
Okay, I know I am having a rant and rave moment, but hey that's what I am here to do
. Why is it that women have to pretend to be weak, so the man can be strong? Damn, I wish I was a pretender, life would be easier that way. I swear it's those stupid Disney cartoons that have everyone confused all the guys feel like that have to be the hero. Women are getting extra dressed up day in and day out hoping some wonderful Prince Charming will rescue them from the lives that they chose instead of rescuing theirselves. Now that I think about it some of those cartoons really make me wonder. Cinderella had to go to her Fairy God -mother for help ( you mean to tell me this girl could wash windows, clean floors,hell she was damn near a slave and she couldn't sew she didn't even make an effort) Snow White was the fairest of them all but she was helpless without the dwarfs, and Princess Fiona was chilling in the tower not even trying to escape. Every last one of the princesses had to have a lovely outfit to be rescued, and for the guys you can be a beast or an ogre and you still get the girl (That's some Bull). Shrek lived in a swamp and still got the girl.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, I think it sucks that being powerful, successful and female is like saying Hi, I have AIDS in the dating world. Woman have to hide their intelligence and success far too often to feed the male ego. I know there are a few guys out there that appreciate the intelligent and successful type of gal, but they appear to be few and far between.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What made me start this blog

The day before Valentine's Day I was told for the hundred millionth time that I should write a book. Okay, let's rewind to Feb. 13th.

I'm going to start off by saying that I am single, and I am fine with that. On Valentine's day, I usually buy things for other single people that I love (
see no bitter feelings towards the holiday),this year I had a different approach. This year I decided I would buy some things for myself (I love me, why not?) so I take my little jolly self to the first store which happened to be Joyce Leslie. By the way they have a wonderful sale on flats 2 for $12. There were a lot of Valentine's day dresses and hearts, red and pinks, and what not but, the shopping experience was great. So I decide I should go to the mall. I start walking around and it's the same frilly fru-fru pink and red items. So I start going into the stores and I got greeted by random sales people who keep interrogating me. Everytime I went in or walked by a store I ran into something like this. May I help you? Happy Valentines day we have lingerie for that special someone (then they run off sale prices) I went to get lotion at Bath and Body works and was greeted with Hi! Did you come in to get one of our gift sets 3 of our blah, blah, blah collection for blah, blah, blah the collection was covered in hearts(I just want want bottle of lotion not the blah, blah,blah gift set). Next store /We have Valentine's day dresses on sale for yadi yadi(yesterday they were just dresses but today they are Valentine's dresses ughh). I walked past the MAC makeup counter (sidebar I absolutely love MAC) and I was asked if I would want to try a new look. (Out of the million times that I have past or stopped at the MAC counter I have never been offered a new look. In my head I'm thinking out of all these women looking a mess picking up the wrong shades of make-up for their complextions I need a new look? Why for Valentine's Day. 2 whomps on them absolutely not) The last store I went to is definitely noteworthy.

So I walk in on a mission to get some cute shirts, and I got the usual "Hi! Can I help you?" so of course I smile and say no thanks
so I try to keep walking and I get cut off by "So are you shopping for yourself or someone else?" So I smile again, and say myself thanks, hoping she would walk away/ but of course not(I didn't ask for her help so my pisstivity levels are rising ) she then asks so do you need help finding a dress ?(WTF? Is she the department store police or something? What is with this lady? Let's scroll back to question #1 Can I help you? I swore, I said NO before the thanks. My current Pisstivity level is at orange. ) For 2 seconds we are having a staring contest( Back it up lady, you are really trying to make me make a scene. I am single, I am trying not to be bitter the day before this darn holiday. So what... I have no boyfriend, my perspective people are no longer perspective, and I have no plans to go anywhere. I am Happy damn it. I just want to buy some clothes WITHOUT YOU!!!!!) I say no and walk around her. I see more salespeople lurking.

At this point I leave the mall and I call my friend Jane-Q. So she says hey what's up (
wrong question) So of course I respond with I just made the biggest freaking mistake. I went to the mall the day before Valentine's Day. ALL THOSE STUPID COUPLES CUTTING ME OFF HOLDING HANDS PRETENDING TO BE HAPPY. I swear I'm gonna spaz ALL THAT STUPID PINK AND RED. I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. SO WHAT I'M SINGLE! SO WHAT I DON'T HAVE ANYWHERE TO GO TOMORROW. (I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I soooooo.. did not go to the mall to get depressed. THIS IS SOME BULL. I said I don't care, I know I'm being irrational, and yes right now I'm a hater I don't care. All those damn people pretending to be happy. I mean hell, how many people have happy relationships nowadays anyway. So Jane-Q started laughing and she said you need to write a book. All these things that happen to you are so funny. So I decided to write a blog(who has time to write a book right now. Randomness is happening everyday) Besides I will write a book before I die. I know you are thinking how do I know when I am going to die(God and I have an understanding)I'll be around for a while.

Oh I forgot to add my name is Shantel Veronica. Welcome to my crazy world.