Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just too Powerful

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The other day I was told by one of my guy friends that I was strong woman (
so I'm thinking oh that was nice) and that was my downfall (WTF). He said I am powerful. I always thought that was a a good thing but apparently not. I told him I'm not the hop on one foot and bark like a dog type of chick (Eddy Murphy -Coming to America) . A few days have past since I was told this. Although I do appreciate the honesty and know it was all in love, I can't help feeling annoyed. My friend told me I'm attractive, funny, I'm fun to be around and there should be more girls like me (oh I forgot that I cook) but then the powerful thing came up again.

I had to flash back to past relationships and I do remember hearing similar comments. I was told a few times by various boyfriends that they were nervous to talk to me at first. One guy had a crush for a year before approaching me. If I heard my story, I would think these are little wimpy guys who don't really get girls, but that wasn't the case.

I understand that men want to be the head of the relationship, (which is just fine with me) but what is the desire for the weak woman about? I thought the saying was behind every strong man is a strong women. I guess in reality in front of every strong man is the weak woman that he looks forward to.

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Okay, I know I am having a rant and rave moment, but hey that's what I am here to do
. Why is it that women have to pretend to be weak, so the man can be strong? Damn, I wish I was a pretender, life would be easier that way. I swear it's those stupid Disney cartoons that have everyone confused all the guys feel like that have to be the hero. Women are getting extra dressed up day in and day out hoping some wonderful Prince Charming will rescue them from the lives that they chose instead of rescuing theirselves. Now that I think about it some of those cartoons really make me wonder. Cinderella had to go to her Fairy God -mother for help ( you mean to tell me this girl could wash windows, clean floors,hell she was damn near a slave and she couldn't sew she didn't even make an effort) Snow White was the fairest of them all but she was helpless without the dwarfs, and Princess Fiona was chilling in the tower not even trying to escape. Every last one of the princesses had to have a lovely outfit to be rescued, and for the guys you can be a beast or an ogre and you still get the girl (That's some Bull). Shrek lived in a swamp and still got the girl.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, I think it sucks that being powerful, successful and female is like saying Hi, I have AIDS in the dating world. Woman have to hide their intelligence and success far too often to feed the male ego. I know there are a few guys out there that appreciate the intelligent and successful type of gal, but they appear to be few and far between.