Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Apartment How freakin unfortunate

Let's talk about unfortunate. Well it has been a while since I have last written on this blog. I was too busy getting material (having unfortunate things happen in my life) for this blog. So I'm not sure where I will start. Okay I'm going to try not to make this too drawn out. I began renting a cute little apartment with a balcony that overlooked the park. I absolutely loved it. i thought I would stay in this apartment for the next couple years until I finished school. a month after living there I found out that the place had plumbing problems and my landlord was really a slumlord(can we say 2 whomps). My slumlord was a maniac he tried to enter my apartment without permission at 11pm (people have been shot for less-not by me but if i had a gun at the time it could've happened) So we got into it that night. One of the other tenants called the police on him that night. It became an all out war I had to contact the City's inspectors they came out 4 times and fined him. They had the nerve to give him small fines after deciding the apartment was unsafe for human habitation. UNSAFE FOR HUMAN HABITATION!!!! As far as I was concerned that meant I was Living in a death trap. So a month after I moved in mold started growing under the paint in my bedroom.

All of a sudden I had mice. The city said that there wasn't a sealant around the pipes leading to outside so that's probably how they got in. So I got a cat. Doesn't she look ready to get a mouse.

The ceiling in the living room leaked every time it rained it got so bad that I had two holes in the ceiling and my puppy would bring me pieces of sheet rock that fell down.The amount of water that came in was ridiculous.The landlord had some guy that looked like he had a drug addiction put tape over the hole and painted it. Here is the result after the rain.

I wrote letters, made phone calls, spoke to legal aid, contacted inspectors, went downtown and got the records from the apartment to find out what happened. Then I withheldpartial rent. This was the kicker now my landlord began to threaten me so I filed police reports it was crazy. Long story shorter we came to an agreement I got to keep the money that I withheld and my security deposit and my lease was broken. So at such short notice I ended up moving back home with my mother(
2 whomps @ the loss of independence)