Friday, May 14, 2010

Single-mother Madness

This is just a rant. So today I am aggravated. The source of my aggravation is single mothers who are more focused on getting a man then taking care of their kids. Now don't get me wrong I understand that no one wants to be a single mother and everyone wants companionship, but it's just getting ridiculous. I know females who are so focused on spending time with men that couldn't care less about them. They have overly exhausted their babysitting options to spend time with man after man. One girl has her child in a bad living situation and instead of focusing on fixing her situation she frivolously spends money and invests time in men who couldn't care less about her or her children. The child is a terror and she can't even see it because she so busy focusing on men. Granted, I am not a single - mother so there are some things that I may not be able to understand. What I do understand is that when you have a child and choose not to put it up for adoption you are signing up to raise an individual, not let it raise itself. As a parent you should protect your child from negative situations not allow them to live in them. Men will come and men will go but when you have a child the focus has to be that child and giving them a safe and positive environment to grow up in. Children should be exposed to new situations and fun environments they shouldn't see people drinking and smoking and be around constant cursing just because a female wants a man. The situations that I watch happen over and over make me sick to my stomach. I know when I have kids there will be no way i expose my child to such B.S. My public service announcement for the day don't have kids if you can't take care of them!!!!!