Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What made me start this blog

The day before Valentine's Day I was told for the hundred millionth time that I should write a book. Okay, let's rewind to Feb. 13th.

I'm going to start off by saying that I am single, and I am fine with that. On Valentine's day, I usually buy things for other single people that I love (
see no bitter feelings towards the holiday),this year I had a different approach. This year I decided I would buy some things for myself (I love me, why not?) so I take my little jolly self to the first store which happened to be Joyce Leslie. By the way they have a wonderful sale on flats 2 for $12. There were a lot of Valentine's day dresses and hearts, red and pinks, and what not but, the shopping experience was great. So I decide I should go to the mall. I start walking around and it's the same frilly fru-fru pink and red items. So I start going into the stores and I got greeted by random sales people who keep interrogating me. Everytime I went in or walked by a store I ran into something like this. May I help you? Happy Valentines day we have lingerie for that special someone (then they run off sale prices) I went to get lotion at Bath and Body works and was greeted with Hi! Did you come in to get one of our gift sets 3 of our blah, blah, blah collection for blah, blah, blah the collection was covered in hearts(I just want want bottle of lotion not the blah, blah,blah gift set). Next store /We have Valentine's day dresses on sale for yadi yadi(yesterday they were just dresses but today they are Valentine's dresses ughh). I walked past the MAC makeup counter (sidebar I absolutely love MAC) and I was asked if I would want to try a new look. (Out of the million times that I have past or stopped at the MAC counter I have never been offered a new look. In my head I'm thinking out of all these women looking a mess picking up the wrong shades of make-up for their complextions I need a new look? Why for Valentine's Day. 2 whomps on them absolutely not) The last store I went to is definitely noteworthy.

So I walk in on a mission to get some cute shirts, and I got the usual "Hi! Can I help you?" so of course I smile and say no thanks
so I try to keep walking and I get cut off by "So are you shopping for yourself or someone else?" So I smile again, and say myself thanks, hoping she would walk away/ but of course not(I didn't ask for her help so my pisstivity levels are rising ) she then asks so do you need help finding a dress ?(WTF? Is she the department store police or something? What is with this lady? Let's scroll back to question #1 Can I help you? I swore, I said NO before the thanks. My current Pisstivity level is at orange. ) For 2 seconds we are having a staring contest( Back it up lady, you are really trying to make me make a scene. I am single, I am trying not to be bitter the day before this darn holiday. So what... I have no boyfriend, my perspective people are no longer perspective, and I have no plans to go anywhere. I am Happy damn it. I just want to buy some clothes WITHOUT YOU!!!!!) I say no and walk around her. I see more salespeople lurking.

At this point I leave the mall and I call my friend Jane-Q. So she says hey what's up (
wrong question) So of course I respond with I just made the biggest freaking mistake. I went to the mall the day before Valentine's Day. ALL THOSE STUPID COUPLES CUTTING ME OFF HOLDING HANDS PRETENDING TO BE HAPPY. I swear I'm gonna spaz ALL THAT STUPID PINK AND RED. I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. SO WHAT I'M SINGLE! SO WHAT I DON'T HAVE ANYWHERE TO GO TOMORROW. (I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I soooooo.. did not go to the mall to get depressed. THIS IS SOME BULL. I said I don't care, I know I'm being irrational, and yes right now I'm a hater I don't care. All those damn people pretending to be happy. I mean hell, how many people have happy relationships nowadays anyway. So Jane-Q started laughing and she said you need to write a book. All these things that happen to you are so funny. So I decided to write a blog(who has time to write a book right now. Randomness is happening everyday) Besides I will write a book before I die. I know you are thinking how do I know when I am going to die(God and I have an understanding)I'll be around for a while.

Oh I forgot to add my name is Shantel Veronica. Welcome to my crazy world.


julzabro said...

I SO agree with u about stupid Valentine's Day! It's just another way for them to make money!!!...;)